Take Care of Yourself

By Stasha Washburn, Women’s Empowerment Health Coach

When you’re in business it’s tough to take care of yourself. That’s why people like me exist! Not only is your homework often to do something good for yourself, I will tell you why. We all know that we need to slow down and take it easy but without the why it’s hard to justify taking time out of work to “sit around”.

Well let me tell you, if you don’t slow down bad things happen.

While I was researching my Breast Cancer Series the need for self care came up again and again. So I changed my coaching program to reflect that. I’m on a mission to give you valid reasons to “sit around”. Cancer prevention is one of them!


  • To eliminate toxins you need to sit in a sauna.

It’s impossible to completely eliminate environmental estrogen. It’s in our water, it’s in our food. If you eat out the odds are highly likely that you’re eating soy oil, which isn’t processed the way our bodies need it to be. I know soy is a very controversial topic so I’m going to give you the short version. Soy used to be healing, it was used sparingly as a condiment such as soy sauce, miso, or tempeh. It wasn’t the main course like tofu is today. It was also made from young (non GMO) soybeans that were soaked and fermented before eating. The vast majority of soy products are not made this way.


What’s that got to do with saunas? Well estrogen, yours, or from outside sources like soy and animal products needs your liver to be eliminated. Your liver needs you to sit in a sauna or steamroom regularly to help take the burden off. If you’re liver is busy detoxing alcohol, poor food items, stress hormones, sodium, chemicals, additives, preservatives… I could go on… then it can’t get to things like estrogen. So it just gets put back into the bloodstream again and again. 80%-90% of breast cancer is estrogen dominant. It’s environmental. You have the power to change that number, go sit in a sauna!


  • A major contributor to breast cancer is poor lymphatic drainage. What does that mean? Get a massage!!!

Many spas have special lymphatic drainage massages. Get one! It’s a powerful way to help reduce your risk of breast cancer, and you get a massage – Win Win!


Turns out that many breast cancer tumors start in the underarm region where your lymph nodes are closely gathered. This is why deodarents with aluminum are concidered so dangerous. The lymph nodes are close to the surface and your skin is thin there. You absorb everything and it goes straight into your lymphatic system. Those nodes are where stagnation occurs and cancer cells can gather to form tumors. Don’t let them do that! Get a massage regularly and eliminate their ability to gang up!


  • Sleep is one of the most powerful ways to reduce stress.

A good sleep routine, going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time, is one of the best ways to get your body into a healthy, healing cycle. You need time to rest, digest, detox, and heal. Your body does this when you’re sleeping, and it needs time to ‘shut down’. If you honor your body and have a good sleep routine your body will honor you back!


While you’re sleeping your liver is busy at work. As we just learned we need to do everything in our power to support our livers! This is also the time that you body resets for the next day. If you’re changing up your sleep time constantly your body can’t get into a rhythm. You’ll be waking up in a panic, or exhausted as if you didn’t sleep at all. Your brain won’t be functioning at it’s peak performance and it will show to others well before you catch it. Back when I was dancing we had a saying “One day off, you know. Two days off your teacher knows. Three days off the audience knows”. I tell my clients this in relation to sleep.


I know it’s hard to do this, laying in bed tossing and turning. I promise you, if there isn’t something else going on you will adjust and start getting tired about 30 minutes to an hour before bed. You’ll feel yourself winding down and if you respect that and allow yourself to wind down you will fall asleep. Create a soothing routine that starts an hour before you want to go to sleep and NO screens! I struggle with this too, but believe me, it makes a HUGE difference!


Want more tips like this? Head over to StashaHealthCatalyst.com today! Want more info on breast cancer and prevention? Start my Breast Cancer Series here.


About the Author

Stasha is a Women’s Empowerment Health Coach. She works with private clients as well as groups to reach as many women as humanly possible. Her goal is to help every woman achieve Work, Life, and Hormonal Balance so they can thrive and change the world! Find out more at StashaHealthCatalyst.com or connect on Facebook.


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