Hey there!

I’m Jessica, creator of the Holistic Entrepreneur Association and marketing instructor at both the Nutritional Therapy Association and the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.

I’m trained as a functional nutritional therapy practitioner and holistic health coach myself, and have worked in private practice and as head of nutrition counseling for an integrative medical center. I’ve helped hundreds of one-on-one clients find relief from chronic pain, and thousands more through my group classes and online programs.

If I took a guess…

I’d bet that you are incredibly passionate about natural health, and that you know that this is the line of work you’re meant to be in.

You’ve put in the hours to become a wellness professional and are on a mission to make this world a healthier place.

But now that you’re trying to use those beautiful skills you’ve worked so hard to achieve to transform the lives of your clients, you keep finding yourself facing that frustrating question…

“What the heck should I be doing next to build my business?”

Yep, I’ve been there.

I would love to tell you that as soon as I graduated from school, clients appeared magically at my office and that running a business came completely naturally to me.

But I can’t.

The truth is, I made every mistake in the book. I honestly thought that all I needed to be successful was my education and my passion to help others.

 That’s because I didn’t yet understand this simple fact:

To be a successful practitioner, you ALSO have to be a successful entrepreneur.

You may think, like I did, that having all of your attention focused on improving your skillset a practitioner is enough, but the truth is, to succeed in this field, you also have to know how to effectively run a business.

Real talk: those early days were rough.

I spent a long time spinning my wheels and becoming increasingly disheartened as I tried to grow my business. 

I often felt overwhelmed, unclear what the best next steps were, and wishing there was just some sort of roadmap for how to build a business as a practitioner.

I’d look at prominent wellness professionals that were crushing it and wonder if maybe I just wasn’t cut out for this. 

But I’m as stubborn as they come, so…

Instead of quitting, I dug in and committed myself to learning about business, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

When I wasn’t seeing the clients I did have, I had my nose buried in a book on business and marketing, or I was listening to some business podcast or lecture. I also began reinvesting all of the money I was making (and then some) into business training and courses.

And it paid off!

Soon, not only was I working with more and more clients one-on-one, I was also running group programs, I had partnered with an integrative medical practice, and I was even receiving kind acknowledgements from organizations like the California State Senate, California Assembly, and the County of Los Angeles for the outreach work I was doing in my community.

I finally had the business I had hoped for.

But something seemed wrong about it.

There was a clear lack of business-building resources available for functional, holistic, and integrative practitioners and I watched my colleagues dealing with the same struggles as I had, time and again.

It just didn’t feel right to me that we, as health and wellness professionals, who are doing such important work aren’t really equipped with the business tools and resources that we need to be successful.

It felt like we were all reinventing the wheel, and this seemed really inefficient to me.

Plus, the lack of resources wasn’t only keeping practitioners from flourishing, but also inhibiting our progress in shifting the paradigm of healthcare toward a more holistic, preventative model. I wanted to do something about that.

So, I created the Holistic Entrepreneur Association

Not only as a way for me to share the strategies that had worked for me, but to create a robust resource hub for our community where practitioners could learn from a variety of experts in business and marketing, as well as from each other’s mistakes and successes.

I created the HEA to help create a peaceful army of successful natural health practitioners and thus help shift the paradigm of our modern healthcare system. 

within six months, our little community had grown to an international membership in ten countries, and i was receiving the most heartwarming feedback from practitioners.

Corporations in the wellness space that I deeply admired began reaching out to me to consult on their marketing and I began teaching the marketing courses at a nutrition school and a naturopathic college.

I eventually shifted my practice to a more passive, online course business model to make more time for teaching, and to dedicate myself to the HEA.

Today, the HEA helps practitioners in over twenty five countries to start their businesses, succeed at marketing, and get more clients.

Being a practitioner at heart, I am in my happy place when I am serving others. And now, I’m grateful for the incredibly fulfilling opportunity to serve my favorite kinds of people: wellness professionals who are making this world a better place.

I love hearing from members of the community, so feel free to send me a note here to let me know if there is anything more I can be doing to better help you. It is a joy to be working alongside you.

Together, we truly are shifting the paradigm.

With love and support,

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A Little About Me

  • Can be found basking in the sweaty, sweaty glory of my infrared sauna on the regular
  • Grew up on a 600-acre goat ranch near Austin, currently living in Los Angeles

  • I love mellow music (I play acoustic guitar for fun) but my go-to music while I work is EDM

  • Nerding out on the science behind functional nutrition brings me so much joy

  • My Meyers-Briggs personality type is ENFJ (and it’s weirdly accurate)

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