Launching and growing a thriving business doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.

When you decided to dedicate yourself to helping people get healthier, you probably didn’t anticipate that you’d also need to become an expert in business and marketing.

The good news?

Building a profitable business as a holistic nutritionist, health coach, or other wellness professional can be done.

And you don’t need thousands of followers on social media, complicated or expensive marketing tactics, or years of experience to get there.

It’s simply a matter of learning the strategies that work and implementing them consistently. 

let’s connect you with the right resources to help you move forward

Which of these best describes you?


I’m looking for free resources that I can learn from to start making sense of all this business stuff


I need a clear roadmap and ongoing support for launching and growing my business

I’m feeling stuck because I need a website and don’t know how I should go about getting it

Our Most Popular Free Resource

Learn the Best Next Steps for Your Business

Understand what stage of business you’re in and get a step-by-step plan for what you should be doing next

Access Everything You Need to Create a Thriving Wellness Business

monthly or annual membership

HEA Professional Membership

Make forward, focused progress in your business each and every month with the HEA Professional Membership.  

  • Eliminate the confusion about what you should be doing next. Use the roadmap inside of the membership to guide you based on your unique stage of business
  • Get monthly done-for-you marketing resources that you can easily plug into your business (think fully customizable pre-designed social media posts and pre-written health articles that you can brand as your own)
  • Learn relevant and actionable strategy to move your business forward with our monthly Masterclasses with business experts.
  • Receive direct support through our monthly community calls
  • Get discounts on professional insurance, continuing education, and more

professionally pre-designed website templates with step-by-step tutorials

Weekend Web Design

Weekend Web Design provides fully customizable website layouts and easy-to-follow video tutorials so that you can sidestep the technical overwhelm and launch your polished, professional website in no time.  

  • Build a polished, professional website for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone (and a fraction of how much it will look like you spent)
  • Eliminate the overwhelm that normally comes with building your own website (this resource was created specifically for those who don’t consider themselves to be the most tech savvy)
  • Create a brand that’s a perfect representation of you with our step-by-step branding guide (think: the colors, fonts, look and feel of your brand)
  • Plus, you’ll learn how to actually use your website to attract clients

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