Synchronize Your Brand and Business with Color

Synchronize Your Brand and Business with Color

Everything happens for a reason.

What if that reason was created consciously by you and intentionally for you?

Instead of randomly choosing a design palette that you have no clue how or why it relates to your brand or business, try the following color awareness exercises that I’ve personally used and created for keeping consistent with my own brand and business.

As a wellness professional it’s your duty to provide a great supportive service in a way that is authentically you. However, you can’t do that without making sure both you and your business are looking and feeling good.

Inner and outer appearances are priorities with color. Using color to express the real (and honest) you is the easiest and fastest way to communicate to others how you and your business feels.

Color acts as a thermometer for your brand and image. It attracts like-minded individuals, which transform gracefully into clients and customers.

The complexion of your business can change as you change, especially if you are just starting out as a coach or practitioner.

There are many traditional and conservative definitions, attributes and systems already in place when it comes to the psychologies of color, but you have the power to create your own rules. You have the ability to define what parts of you are staying in the story and which you have the power to cut.

Using color is like being a director and even if you don’t design all of your biz-visuals – make sure you are sensing good vibes from that extra someone or team. This is also called the Namaste effect. You should be able to tap into recognizing soul energy – you will get along and just “get each other.”


Who do you want to be?

How does that person feel?

What do you do when your service/product is purchased or you gain a new subscriber/follower?

Where are you going?

The answers are going to come from within and no matter the simple or elementary results you have a clear, immediate and intuitive answer to focus on.

Personally, I want to be someone that is reliable, trustworthy and known throughout kingdoms. This well-known warrior feels strong and protective. And whether he wins monetarily or gains a new loyal companion to join his journey – he shows appreciation to himself by reminding himself that his purpose is fulfilling for everyone.  And finding himself in an abyss of possibilities keeps the cycle continuing.

As The Color Mage, I use color not only as means for business but as an extension of my identity. The visibility of my brand is reflected in the clothes I wear, the people I hang out with and the content I create for my following. It feels magical, colorful and powerful.

I allowed my brand to take shape in my own life by coloring my hair a lavender shade because I wanted to extend away from the monotonous crowd of black and brown. You don’t have to do this – only if your ideal business self looks and feels this way to you. No pressure!

Naturally, colors are universally accepted to relate to certain places, people and things. However, all color is perceived uniquely to you and the story/themes of a particular hue changes with everyone.

Here are some basic colors and what they do for your entrepreneurial spirit according to my knowledge and experience:


Red – Passion for power and fast solutions.

Orange – Inexpensive because you are still training or gaining additional schooling.

Yellow – Carefree attitude when used with white mostly but with black – tone is territorial.

Green – Hardworking and works with the hands mostly.

Pink – Invokes self-care and ideas of sweet love.

Blue – Memorable reputation or impression of trust.

Purple – Confusion within your business/brand.

Gold – When used with white expresses luxury. When used with black see orange/yellow.

White – Negative space. Clears and cleanses visuals.

Black – Negative space. Defines borders, boundaries and contours rules.

Gray – Negative space. Should be avoided at all costs. Scattered ideas and energy.


These are stand-alone colors but when used with each other, the story shall change. But hopefully I’ve given you the awareness to start blending your brand and business more effectively. This is not about picking your favorite colors – it’s about mindfully and wholeheartedly using your willpower as an entrepreneur to make bold and refreshing decisions that will effect your business long term.


Bernard Charles

Bernard Charles is an enriched color expert, meditation coach and author of The Intuitive Playbook for Empathy, Intentions and Gratitude. He empowers victims of self-doubt to build a well-developed personal relationship to color through his color readings and coaching services. Bernard is certified in meditation, law of attraction and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). He enjoys tea, social media and often wears an orange scarf when he needs that extra boost of courage. You may discover more about Bernard and color at

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