Inspirational Entrepreneur: Amanda Wilson

After struggling with chronic illness and disease for years, Amanda turned to holistic approaches and found real health. Inspired by her own wellness transformation, she became a holistic entrepreneur to help others in their own journey to health. Her interview inspires us to embrace our vulnerability and to move forward with the mindset that we neither have to be perfect nor know everything to make a true impact.

What inspired you to become a holistic entrepreneur?

I suffered through chronic illness and disease for most of my 20s. After the standard medical doctors failed me, I turned to holistic health and my life was forever changed; diseases were eliminated and/or reversed, chronic colds/flus are gone, and I feel and look my best. So, I became a holistic entrepreneur to also help others achieve their best selves!


Tell us about your business or practice.

I typically work with ladies in the age range 30-50s. The gals of today have way too much on their plate and their health is suffering. I teach them how to incorporate simple, easy tricks and tips into their day. If we improve our relationship with ourselves we improve our relationship with others.


What is your current business model?

As my health coaching business is my second job, I don’t have as much time as I would like to devote to it. As a type-A personality, I have to be careful not to put too much on my plate and jeopardize my own health. I currently coordinate a couple group programs a year and I love it. I love the camaraderie and sisterhood that comes with the group programs.


What has been one of your favorite moments as a business owner thus far?

It warms my heart to hear feedback like, “I feel like I’m 20 again,” or “I’ve loved sharing your tips with my kids and cooking healthy meals with my family.”


What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced in running your business or practice?

The public is inundated with fad diets, magic pills, and complicated measurements and calorie counting. Overall health, longevity and weight management is really quite simple. Eat your veggies. Drink water. Get some exercise. Meditate. Play. Indulge in wine/chocolate/sweets, but just be mindful and use moderation. Be kind to yourself and others.


How have you overcome those challenges?

I try to live by example so my clients, and potential clients, can see that I walk the walk.


How do you find new clients?

Friends, friends of friends, client referrals, Instagram, Facebook.


What have you found to be most effective in securing new clients to sign up for your services?

Make a connection with them and really make an effort to understand their pain points.


What do you do to keep your existing clients engaged in the long term?

I check in with my clients, motivate them with positive reinforcement, and make it fun.


As your own boss, what is your best strategy for staying focused and productive during your workday?

Loving what I do keeps me productive.


If you could start your business over again from the beginning, what would you do differently?

Be more vulnerable.


What were some of the first mistakes you made that you would tell a new holistic entrepreneur to avoid?

You don’t have to be perfect and know everything. Just get out there and connect with folks.


What are the top three business tools or resources you couldn’t live without?

My IIN community, social media and my handsome fiancé proofreader.


What has been your most effective method for growing your business?

Helping my clients thrive so they send their friends, their friends send their friends, and so on.


In building your business, was there any specific mistake you made, “oops!” moment, or “I can’t believe I did that!” time that you look back and laugh at now?

I worried way too much about what others would think when I launched my website and business. Most people were super supportive and excited for me, but the day I pushed the big green button and went live I was terrified. Looking back I was so silly!


What is your favorite indulgence?



Most exotic thing you’ve ever eaten?

I drank a fresh “toddy” in Kerala, India. Thankfully, it’s incredible health benefits minimized the risks of the extremely dirty glass I drank it from.


Most memorable place you’ve ever visited?

Tie: Bali and Kerala, India


Last book you read?

The Adrenal Reset Diet


If you could only have one kind of food for the rest of your life, it would be…

Avocado, well maybe a veggie taco with avocado on it!


What is your go-to breakfast?

Gluten Free Oatmeal with flax & chia seeds and blueberries and veggie scramble with avocado. My appetite is the biggest in the morning, so I honor that with lots of nutritional powerhouse goodness.


What do you find most fascinating about the human body?

It’s ability to heal itself.


What do you love most about being an entrepreneur?

There’s no rules and I’m the boss!


Amanda Wilson is a Holistic Health Coach based out of Los Angeles, CA. You can find out more about her and her business, Amanda Wilson Wellness, by visiting

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