Harmonizing Your Business with Your Cycle

By Stasha Washburn, Women’s Empowerment Health Coach

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Does your business suffer as you progress through your monthly cycle?

Are your communication skills inconsistent?


These are sure signs that you and your business are out of sync.

When you’re in YOUR flow…


Your intuition speaks to you and you listen.

Your meetings are productive and inspiring.

Your business is thriving, and YOU are thriving!


I’m making the assumption that you’re in business not only for the money and the freedom, but also to make a difference. My clients range from small coffee shop owners to CEO’s, but they all have the same core motivation. They want to have a thriving business with which they can help others and make a positive change in the world. You may be thinking your business isn’t necessarily about effecting change, but before Tom’s no one thought shoes could make such a huge impact on poverty. When you’re in your flow you can see the bigger picture. You can see the potential impact that you and your business endeavors can have. The opportunities present themselves and your ability to create change multiplies endlessly!


I want your business to flourish but that can only be achieved when YOU flourish!


I coach my clients on how to get into their flow. Step one is to balance your hormones through self-care. I have yet to meet an entrepreneur-ess that has mastered the art of self care. I have my own coach to keep an eye out for me. Anyone with great ambition can easily fall prey to overworking themselves and can fall out of sync.


So how do you start to balance your hormones through self care?


  • Practice loving yourself.


Start by writing something awesome on your mirror so that it’s the first thing you see in the morning. It was hard for me at first too. Do it anyway. It can be “I’ve got a huge heart” or “My legs are smoking hot” or “I’m smart and clever”. Then write it on a post it. Keep it on your computer screen, on a picture frame on your desk, or in a drawer you open frequently. Change the sentence and increase it just a little outside of your comfort zone. Maybe you don’t believe you’re a successful business woman because you’re not making a profit… yet. That shouldn’t stop you from writing “I’m a kick ass business woman” on your mirror!!! One of my favorites is this: “LadyBoss”. It reminds me that I can be a boss and a lady. I am a classy inspiring leader- a Lady Boss.


  • Legs up the wall


What is legs up the wall? It’s an easy way to calm your nervous system down immediately. Lay down and literally put your legs up the wall. This forces your sympathetic nervous system, (the one that is in charge of ‘fight or flight’) to shut down. It also activates your parasympathetic nervous system. This system puts you in ‘rest and digest’ mode. So, when you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or just need a minute, close your door and lay down with your legs up. It only takes a minute, but you may find yourself there longer.


  • Swear


There have been a few studies that show swearing is an emotional release. Swearing is good for you. It helps you manage pain and endure tough situations. So go ahead and use your words!


All of these things help manage cortisol levels. This is a master hormone aka the ‘stress hormone’ and until you can decrease your stress levels nothing else will work. This is where I start with all my clients. Telling someone to meditate is super easy, but sitting down to meditate as a first step can often cause so much stress that it’s actually harming. You want to work your way up to that, especially if you don’t have stress management techniques to begin with.


  • Start tracking your cycles


You should start doing this today. Download an app to help you. For the iPhone I like Glow and for an Android I like Ovuview. Being able to know where you are in your cycle is the first step to syncing your business to your cycle.


How do I sync my business and my cycle?

During your monthly cycle you go through both internal and external phases. If you use these to your advantage you can make better decisions quicker, communicate with your team more efficiently, and plan your projects when you will face the least resistance.


For example:


I’m a Women’s Empowerment Health Coach and am working on a group project to guide women through my program of 6 Steps to Empowerment..


Week 1 Menstrual phase (3-7 days)

Week one is often defined by the day you get your period, day one of week one. During this phase we women (and intune men) are more internal. Our left and right brain hemispheres have the highest level of communication this week. Our creativity and our logic are the closest to one another during this phase. This is the time to dream.


During this week I spent my time sequestered in solitude and dreaming of how my program would look. I envisioned incorporating the use of video. I imagined having a guest expert for each step who could act as a source of  inspiration. I saw a beautiful circle of women supporting each other, challenging each other, and helping each other thrive. The name for my program came to me easily this week. It was during this time that “The Red Circle” was born. I experimented with software and systems. I made my guest expert wish list. I made my team member wish list. I created my goal list. I also made my celebration list. This list is very important. It should include the things you will do to celebrate after achieving each goal. Self care doesn’t stop when you launch a project!


Week 2 Follicular phase (7-10 days)

During this week you are entering your creative peak. You are beginning to feel outgoing and social. You also form new neural connections easily at this time. Trying new things during this phase is perfect because you will retain the most information at this time. Your creative problem solving ability is at its peak. Have a troublesome employee? This is the perfect time to brainstorm solutions. Have an amazing employee? Think of ways to use positive reinforcement and celebrate their success. Fill in your big details now. Accept social engagements during this phase.


I used this time to brainstorm. I also spoke with other coaches and contacted the person I wanted to be my Project Manager for The Red Circle. We spent time thinking of what problems we needed to solve and ways to solve them.


Week 3 Ovulatory phase (3-4 days)

During this week you are at your most communicative. This is the time to have important conversations. That problem employee? Now is the time to talk with him/her. That awesome employee, also the time to talk to them! This is also a great time to go on dates. This is the time to ask for what you want in all areas of your life. Accept social engagements that take place during this phase.


This was when I called my dream team and dream guests. This was when I could articulate my program and the big picture of what I wanted to achieve most clearly. I also made sure to have a lovely dinner with my significant other during this time. Any topics that need discussing are best broached during this phase because there is the lowest chance of miscommunication. I have an awesome partner so these times are usually spent dreaming about our kick ass future!


Week 4 Luteal phase (10-14 days)

Your physical energy starts to decrease so spend the first part of this phase getting things done. Tidy the house, do some batch cooking, and finish up any physical projects. Your attention will be drawn to focus inward. Let it. Listen to your body. It will be asking for what it needs. Sleep, rest, take a bath, watch a movie, read a book. Politely decline social engagements that take place during this time.


I spent this phase putting systems in place for my new project. I filled out calendars and gave my team assignments. I played with new software, spent time at the spa, and listened to lectures by my mentors and peers. I loved spending this time researching my craft, looking at health resources, and studying coaching techniques. I practiced the art of self care. I put my energies towards bettering myself and by extension I bettered my business.


Take Away

To help your business thrive you need to create space. To spread your wings you need room. There is no room for growth if there is no space!


Learning to take care of yourself will transform your business. Start tracking your cycles and syncing your business to your cycles. You will be amazed how much easier everything flows when it’s all flowing together!


Join me for a series of 3 Myth Busting Webinars exploring the harmful myths we face everyday. Let’s break the barriers of shame and silence together, only then can we truly break the glass ceiling!


About the Author

Stasha is a Women’s Empowerment Health Coach. She works with private clients as well as groups to reach as many women as humanly possible. Her goal is to help every woman achieve Work, Life, and Hormonal Balance so they can thrive and change the world! Find out more at StashaHealthCatalyst.com or connect on Facebook.

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