Embracing Social Media and Marketing as a Conscious Entrepreneur

Embracing Social Media

By Mike Pestano, Holistic Entrepreneur 

Marketing and social media has made a tremendous impact globally in practically every aspect of everyday life. It has influenced so many trends and changed the way we communicate socially and in doing business. The methods for marketing though leave much to be desired for businesses and professionals as I see many still slow to adapt and change. And there are still many that simply refuse to create a digital profile because they are not comfortable having their personal images and information on the Internet. Whether we like it or not many of us are already in cyberspace as our personal information is there.

We are already in the midst of the largest revolution that is just the tip of the iceberg and it will change us even more dynamically than ever. Just look at the last ten years and you can personally relate to what I’m writing about. The advent of the mobile smartphone coincides with the rise of search engine giant Google taking over from Yahoo. Add to that the incredible rise of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Snapchat, and others.

The birth of social media and its integration into my business began as soon as Facebook opened up membership and I saw it as a game changer not just for myself but for others. I eagerly signed up for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and later on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google Plus. I learned to create a uniform personal profile for myself that defined me as a person and as a business professional. I made mistakes along the way just like everyone else but I never let it scare me away from its embrace. In the past few years I’ve been able to optimize, integrate, and define myself in this digital universe that attracts the kind of business and lifestyle I’m comfortable to align with. I learned not to compare myself to others and became comfortable with myself.

Why? I realized that change is the one true constant in life and in business and I needed to transform myself in every aspect in mind, body, and spirit as well on this journey. Change is scary because we have ingrained in us years of pre-programmed belief systems that instill many kinds and layers of fears. The pace of change in technology can be so overwhelming if we allow it. We try to market ourselves the old way in an ocean full of billions by trying to outshine, overwhelm, drown out, over hype, and sensationalize everyone else.

It’s a force-based, push forward at all costs mentality that can lead others to be disillusioned, scared, gun-shy, and just shrink away from the glare. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a better way and it will only work if we truly transform and embrace change. We must also realize that success is a personal and intimate state of mind and not defined by others. We can set all the goals we want, make annual resolutions to improve ourselves, and aspire to be better in our minds and never ever be satisfied. It’s because we have bills to pay, a standard of living we desire, and a comfort zone that we have built that we can’t let go of. We fear change and we fear failure and we procrastinate all the time. Basically, we live a life that is defined by others whether it be family, friends, or co-workers.

How then can we navigate and truly move forward and be healthy, happy, and have abundance? Let me give you my top ten list of things that have served me well in this digital age to build my business.

  1. Create and truly own your personal and professional brand on social media. They are as one and not a separate entity. You are you and that consistency must be seen in your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other profiles. Learn how to optimize those profiles and images so that what the world sees is consistent, honest, true, and unique.
  2. To be heard and seen in this digital and social media universe it’s all about being authentic. We can still retain our own unique individuality without having to join the bandwagon.
  3. Learn new things daily and practice gratitude at the start and at the end of each day.
  4. Breathe- focus on just your own breathing for at least ten minutes before you get out of bed. Let time be your ally.
  5. Nourish and feed your mind, body, and soul with the right fuel. Let your mind be fed with positivity and the way you accomplish that is to disengage from the mainstream media. Feed your body with food and water that is pure, clean, and unprocessed and exercise daily. Move. Your soul is nourished, invigorated, and recharged when you go on walks outdoors, active meditation, and a quiet private space.
  6. When you market yourself on social media do not treat your business page like a billboard twenty four hours a day. Learn to create, share, and build a community of followers. What you put out there is what you will attract. If you are seen as just a one-dimensional money-hungry individual sounding like a desperate, cash-starved, over-hyped business that image stays.
  7. Invest in yourself first instead of others. Love and take care of yourself first and foremost. There is nothing wrong with you. Every one of us has that innate and limitless capacity for greatness. Let go of those that do not serve you for your highest good. Realize that not every person we meet in life is there to stay. There are lessons in every situation and much to be thankful for.
  8. When you go to networking events be prepared to have an authentic elevator pitch that describes you as a whole person. And if you sometimes fumble or stumble it’s okay. Just be yourself and remember to smile. You don’t have to be the loudest person in the room. Be the one that has substance all the way inside.
  9. Read books on self-improvement by those who have unlocked their own keys to success. I particularly love Dr. Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Maya Angelou, Abraham Hicks, and David Willcock.
  10. Always remember that change is a good thing and failure is the best teacher.

About the Author: Mike Pestano

Mike Pestano copyYou can connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and of course on my personal website ironeaglehealth.com. Thank you for the opportunity to share.

In closing I wish you all the best positive intentions, energy, love, and light. We are all here on a journey and we may cross each other’s lives not just in the physical but now in the digital world. What we say, what we share, what we write, all have a digital imprint. That is the beauty of the freedom we have at our disposal with social media and in life. Live well and be happy.


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