5 Ways We Might Improve Self Acceptance

By Trishica Robertson,  Licensed Esthetician & Oil Guru

Self doubt & over obsessing is something that I have done my whole life.

Whether it’s over what I might wear that day, where I should eat, what tasks I must accomplish, where I want to go, or bigger things like what my entire future should look like, chances are I’ve doubted myself.

Although I feel I’m getting better at recognizing the way that indecision feels, the doubt lingers & the looming dark cloud that comes in over me looks like … It’s still a constant fight.

It’s a very human emotion to feel this way, to seek approval outward & acceptance by others or even place great meaning in material things.

It’s a cycle we can change. We can improve & we can learn to BELIEVE in ourselves & know that without inner peace, acceptance of our selfs & inner love…nothing can fill the void. Millions of people struggle with this daily. You are not alone!

So what must we do?

It takes work. It takes facing fears head on & it may take some time but here are 5 steps I personally use that have really helped me.

Let’s clear away those dark self-doubting clouds and allow the sunshine in.

1. Call upon your INNER kindness

Take note of how you treat YOU. Do you say kind things, are you using words that are kind and forgiving or cruel and negative?

When the dark doubts start to show themselves…PAUSE for a moment, acknowledge them and allow yourself to let it GO. Replace those thoughts with other kinder versions… Tell yourself you are worthy, smart enough, able to make good decisions and follow your most authentic feelings. Who knows YOU better than you do? Check that your inner dialogue is supporting & validating and not self sabotaging & defeating.

2. You are who you hang out with

I challenge you to take a good look at who you have been associating yourself with.

Are the people closest to you positive, encouraging, loving, grateful & cheering you on or are they the opposite?

We often mirror ourselves with the people we hold near.

If you find yourself in the company of negativity, gossip seeking, nay sayers, it’s totally ok to take a step away for a bit.

Allow yourself some space to work on YOU, improve on your inner worth and do some confidence building.

You may even attract some new individuals into your life you may never have met otherwise.

3. Take pride in both the Big & Small accomplishments

Depending on our own individual situation you may be harder on yourself, maybe you had an upbringing that was challenging or worse.

Maybe you were told you weren’t ever going to be successful or even just good enough. Whatever your particular situation may have been, let TODAY be a new day.

Allow yourself freedom to feel the greatness of your accomplishments no matter how big or small. Allow gratitude to fill that space for you & as you do this try to release the old baggage within, like peeling off layers one day or one accomplishment at a time.

4. Use essential oils & simultaneously use positive affirmations

These oils have been huge in my life. I have relied on then for many things but truly feeling emotionally ready to be self accepting & self loving came after I implemented them into my life.

Bergamot, specifically, is known as the oil of self acceptance. Try using this oil and while you are rubbing it into your hands, take a moment to affirm something positive.

I encourage you to do this daily. Try speaking something loving about yourself out loud.

Take it a step further and say it out loud to yourself while looking into your own reflection.

How does this feel?

Is it easy? What feelings does that invoke?

As you do this daily, are you noticing it getting easier? Are you starting to Believe it more? As you practice this inner & outward kindness to yourself see how it starts to improve your daily life.

5. Meditate, Pray, Pause, Journal, just STOP & Breathe

These words will spark different emotions within each person & that’s ok! What I mean by this is to really just take a break for YOU.

Take a moment to do something that is STILL. Trust in yourself that the stillness is a comfortable place to be.

Our lives are so fast paced & busy these days. We rarely take the time to just BE with our stillness, we are running to the next stop, trying to catch up, trying to finish tasks on our life’s giant list of “to dos”.

How in all that hustle and bustle will we ever find time to improve on our over all well being unless we allow ourselves the time we need?

Celebrate YOU in these moments, think about all the successes of the day, journal them down. Reward yourself by allowing the time you need to just breathe.

When you have accomplished a goal or something went better than expected or even if you made a decision without hesitation… Allow time to stop & celebrate in those moments.

If you would like a free sample of bergamot, please send your email to wehaveoils4that@yahoo.com. My website is www.mydoterra.com/Trishica. I would love to hear from you. What ways are you going to improve upon your own inner care?

Trishica Robertson

Wellness advocate

About the Author

My name is Trishica Robertson.

I’m a licensed esthetician, oil guru & lover of all people! My mission is to help people feel better in all aspects of their life’s. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally… Wherever you need assistance I want to be there for you! I have found essential oils to be more then just helpful, they have become our new way of life.

With the variety of oils & other products we offer, I truly feel I have a solution to almost anything someone is facing

It’s my hearts work & life long dream to be a healer of the world & with these tools I feel I get the opportunity to do just that.


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