right now, it looks like you would benefit most from focusing on

Stage 1: Clarity

While you may have some things in place from later stages, getting rock solid on each step in Stage 1: Clarity will help your business soar.



Stage 1: Clarity Overview

In this stage, you’re getting crystal clear about what your ideal business looks like so that you can create a clear plan for getting there. You’re identifying who it is that you’re serving, what outcome you’re helping them achieve, and you’ve clearly laid out your list of services and pricing.

When you have each of these foundational steps in place, it is so much easier to create an effective marketing plan as well as effective marketing messages that really attract and connect with potential clients.

let’s take a look at the specific action steps you’ll be focusing on during this stage:

Stage 1: Clarity

Step 1: Get clear on your ideal business

If you could wave a magic wand and suddenly have the most successful, joyful, fulfilling business that you could imagine, what exactly would that business look like?

Side note… the more clarity you can have on this, the easier it will be to make forward, focused progress in your business. But don’t worry, making a decision about this doesn’t set it in stone for all eternity – it’s natural to make adjustments as you go. The most important thing here is that decide and act, as the decision + action is what will create forward progress. Plus, you’ll get even more clarity during the process of taking action, no question. 

(Keep your eye out for a free resource I’ll be sending your way soon that walks you through a step-by-step process to help you achieve clarity on this like never before.)

Step 2: Get clear on your target client

When we zero in on the specific kind of client we focus on serving and identify them in clear detail (including the unique and pressing challenges they are experiencing), we unlock the door to successful marketing.

Having trouble knowing where to go to find clients?

Having trouble getting clients?

Having trouble communicating about your services in way that makes people excited to work with you?

These are all symptoms of not having enough clarity on your target client.

Step 3: Get clear on your services and pricing

In order to run a successful business, we need to sell products or services that people want to buy.

And what makes people want to buy things?

Solely and only to solve a problem they have or to achieve an outcome that they want.

This one is worth repeating:

People don’t buy “products” or “services” – they buy solutions to problems they are facing and outcomes they desire.

A person dealing with hypothyroidism has the problems of feeling tired, bloated, and sluggish. They commonly struggle with poor sleep quality, mood swings, and weight gain. The solutions they want are to regain their energy, sleep soundly, clear their brain fog, and feel like themselves again.

A person who has been searching for answers to their chronic health issues, seeing practitioner after practitioner but never finding a resolution, has the problem of not being able to figure out why they feel bad all the time. The solution they want is to get to finally get to the root of their health issues.

Without really knowing what problem our target client is facing, how can we know the solutions that will most appeal to them?

That’s why we need to get crystal clear on our target client before we create our services and set our pricing.

And when we’re creating our services, we must keep our target client’s specific challenges in the forefront of our mind. That way, the way we structure and communicate about our services can clearly come across as solutions to these challenges.

and if you’d like to see how the clarity stage ties into the full strategy for growing your wellness business, you can download the holistic business blueprint here:

Thanks for taking the quiz and for reading through your results! The work that you’re doing in this world is needed now more than ever, and I hope this information helps bring clarity to the next steps to take in your wellness business.

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With love and support,

Jessica Pantermuehl, FNTP, CHHC

Founder of the Holistic Entrepreneur Association