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We keep things simple.

Choose your layout, complete our branding assessment
and celebrate your stunning, completed website in just five days.



 You want a gorgeous website, but creating one yourself sounds less appealing than a month of coffee enemas. We get it.


Skip the overwhelming feeling of creating a website on your own
and let us handle the heavy lifting for you.

We know the importance of your work and want you to have a website you’re not only proud to promote, but one that is a true representation of the value you are bringing to the world.



How it Works




Juniper Layout


Sage Layout




Elderberry Layout












P.S. A “layout” is just that: the way the site is laid out, in terms of where the elements are placed (such as blog posts, side bars and so on). We’ll be customizing your site with the colors, fonts and images that reflect your brand so that your site feels uniquely “you.”






Plus, all the articles and photos you see on the sites are yours to keep. You’ll probably want to change up
the wording of the articles a bit to bring your own voice to them, but they are yours to use however
you’d like. We get the stress of creating content on top of everything else you’re doing, and
we want your site to feel nice and full right out of the gate, even if
you don’t yet have articles and recipes of your own.


What’s not included:

Website updates and maintenance, e-commerce shop, layout revisions (so make sure you love the layout you choose!), logo design, newsletter or social media design, membership sites, hosting and content transfers, additional copywriting



Before we can start creating your epic website, you’ll need to provide us with a few elements, including:

Your email service provider info // Completed website copy for each page // Domain and hosting setup*
Pinterest Brand Board* // Brand Assessment*

*We’ll be providing instructions for all of these things after you purchase your site.



The way the design process works is that we schedule your “design week“, which is the week where we will be concentratedly creating your site. We will need all of the component parts of your site ready to go once your design week comes, which includes your copy, your logo (if you have one – if not, we’re happy to provide a complementary text-based logo for you), and any images you’d like to use (including any professional photos of yourself you might want taken for your site).
During your designated design week, we will need to be in close coordination with you for feedback and information as we execute the website designprocess, so it’s best to choose a week where you know you can be readily available for this kind of coordination (i.e. not traveling or otherwise away from your computer).

Once your design week arrives, the 5-day countdown begins to building your swoon-worthy site.


Get Started Now for $2400



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