Resources for NTPs & NTCs

Hello my fellow NTPs and NTCs!

I’ve put this page together for you to provide resources that support you in your nutrition therapy practice.

Below, you’ll find pre-designed and customizable client handouts, done-for-you recipe sharing tools, visually impactful image packs for your social media cover photos as well as beautiful letterhead – any of which you can use for your practice free of charge.

I’m passionate about the work we are doing as NTPs and NTCs, so it’s a pleasure for me to extend this support to you as an additional resource through the Holistic Entrepreneur Association.

In my own practice, I find that clients respond best to protocols that are laid out in a clean, clear, visual manner, and with plenty of examples of meals and snacks they can eat. To that end, I’ve created a client manual for the Blood Sugar Control diet that clearly delineates which foods to encourage and those to avoid while on the program as well as an accompanying Suggested Meals & Snacks manual that links to a variety of healthy recipes.

You can download them through the links below, where you’ll find both manuals as Word documents. You are welcome to enter your name and practice on the cover page of each document in place of The Holistic Entrepreneur Association.

Click here to download the client manual for the Blood Sugar Control Diet.

Click here to download the Blood Sugar Control Diet Suggested Meals & Snacks.

In my practice, I find that my clients consistently ask for support in the area of meal ideas, snack ideas and recipes. The most convenient and efficient way I’ve found to provide this support is by setting up Pinterest boards with groups of recipes for specific programs.

As it can be quite time intensive to track down recipes that fall within the parameters of a specific dietary program, I’m happy to share with you the work I’ve done on this already. Below, you’ll find links to the Pinterest boards I’ve created specifically for the programs of the Blood Sugar Control Diet.

Blood Sugar Control Diet: BreakfastsBreakfast Sampler

Blood Sugar Control Diet: MealsMeals Sampler

Blood Sugar Control Diet: SidesSides Sampler

Blood Sugar Control Diet: SnacksSnacks Sampler

Feel free to create your own Pinterest account with the name of your practice, set up corresponding boards to those above in your own account, then go through each board and pin some or all of the recipes. You’re also welcome to send your clients to these boards, though I think it’s best for the purposes of branding and professionalism to send your clients to your own Pinterest page and boards.

I hope you find these resources helpful in your practice and for your clients. Keep up the awesome work you are doing!

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With love and support,

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