Holistic Business Blueprint

Having a plan of action for your business is critical for eliminating overwhelm and making real forward motion toward accomplishing your goals.

Whether you’re just starting out and feel completely overwhelmed or have been in business for a while and feel frustrated that you’re still not where you want to be, this free 4-week course takes you through each stage of growing your business, including laying the foundations, branding, systemizing, outreach & monetization as well as strategies for expansion.

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[su_spoiler title=”Week 1: Get Your Business Basics Established” style=”fancy”] This 3-part module reviews the necessary basics that should be established in your business to make it profitable, scalable and stress-free. Learn ways to keep track of revenue and expenses, understand how to create the best business model & structure for you and discover productivity-enhancing systems and tools for project management.  [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Week 2: Branding” style=”fancy”] From identifying your target audience to teaching you how to create your own logo and website, this 3-part module helps you solidify your brand and message. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Week 3: Monetization & Outreach” style=”fancy”]This 3-part module is packed with practical information such as creating an outreach plan and editorial calendar, navigating email marketing systems and creating your social media strategy & very own signature programs.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Week 4: Expansion” style=”fancy”] This 3-part module guides you through key strategies for expansion. Discover how to develop sales funnels and autoresponder sequences and learn an array of effective ideas for continued list building. [/su_spoiler]


We get a lot of feedback from people telling us we should be charging for this course. They’re probably right, and we might do this at some point. But for now, we’re happy to share this with you at no charge and hope that it supports you in the work you are doing to help shift the paradigm.


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When I was just starting out, the Holistic Business Blueprint that was delivered by email was invaluable! Heather_Headshot circleIt really helped me determine what to focus on and it was great to have Jessica’s wisdom to guide me each step of the way. I would recommend it to any of my friends in the health & wellness sphere.

Heather Pearson, The Serial Improver


Out of the many business building newsletter courses I’ve signed up for, this is by far the best one! I’m so impressed with the content you’ve provided. It’s so thorough and valuable! It’s so helpful to have this step-by-step guide to help me in the early stages of my business. Your target market worksheet rocks! I love having something to help me figure this all out.

Lilly Garcia


Jessica Pantermuehl, Founder Circle

With love and support,

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