Bedroom essentials: natural condoms, lubricants and wipes

Sustain Brands were created with the hope that women would feel empowered to take better care of their sexual health, not only to prevent pregnancy, but also to stop the spread of STDs.  In addition to condoms, we sell 95% Organic lubricants & Postplay wipes.

Sustain is the 1st condom brand that was designed by women to help other women get on top of their sexual health.  Sustain is the only Fair Trade certified, sustainably produced condom brand being sold in the US. Our condoms are free of harmful chemicals such as nitrosamine, a carcinogen found in many latex condoms on the market. In addition to being Fair Trade and sustainably sourced, we donate 10% of our profits to organizations that are dedicated to increasing the access to contraception & family planning in the US.

Looking to buy a lubricant? Whatever you do, look at the ingredients in the lubricants that are on shelves these days.  Chances are they contain ingredients like petroleum, glycerin, parabens, silicone & other harsh ingredients. If you love yourself, stick to an organic lubricant like Sustain.  Your vagina will thank you in the morning.

Finally, all this love making is making things messy here. Do yourself (& your partner) the favor of cleaning up with our Postplay wipes. 100% cotton (with non-chlorine bleach), our wipes are free of formaldehyde, petroleum, glycerin, parabens & other harsh ingredients you and your partner wouldn’t want down there. Your bed sheets will thank you.


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