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DrTung’s has been creating more effective, nature-based oral care products since 1997. We provide tools for fresher breath and healthier teeth and gums, and have a long-term commitment to deliver high-quality benefits with the smallest possible environmental footprint. We believe that good oral health is an integral part of overall health.

DrTung’s is one of the leading brands in oral care accessories in the natural marketplace.  Our approach is based on the Ayurvedic understanding that good oral health is an integral part of overall health. Our business practices reflect our core values – ethical, honest, cruelty-free, with no animal testing, no child labor and no discrimination.

Our products include the best-selling Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner, featuring a comfortable one-or two-handed design, to ease pressure and overcome the gag reflex. The curved cleaning edge easily and comfortably removes bacteria for fresher breath. Smart Floss® is a patented, naturally waxed floss, clinically proven up to 55% more effective than common flosses in removing plaque. The dispenser is made with Eco-Pure® to help it degrade in a landfill much faster than ordinary plastic. Our Snap-on-Toothbrush Sanitizers are also made with EcoPure®. The Adult version contains a replacement refill design that saves 46% plastic. All Snap-On Sanitizers offer 6 months’ protection per pack.  DrTung’s Oil Pulling Concentrate contains 24 Ayurvedic herbs prepared in a sesame oil base, per an ancient formula. It can be mixed with your favorite oil pulling oil and can reduce oil pulling time by 50% or more.

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Wholesale accounts available to practitioners. Email orders@drtungs.com for more information.

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